Transforming your Dental Health – Oil Pulling with Coconut oil

Using less chemicals in our dental hygiene routine

People are becoming more and more aware of the hazardous chemicals that are present in almost anything we use, eat, wear, touch or smell. It is becoming harder and harder to lead a clean life. Still most of us are constantly on the look for more natural products with less chemicals in them.

That said, brushing our teeth, rinsing and flossing are still important daily tasks if we are to maintain a healthy smile and our overall health. This is why we, at Gummy Floss, came up with the Silicone dental floss. Medical grade rubber silicone is one of the least allergenic and most hygienist materials out there and by using it we ensure that you use a product that will clean your teeth without getting your body to absorb any chemicals.

As for a mouth wash, well that’s not our department but we found a natural way that seems to be working for many people – oil pulling.

Oil pulling has been around for ages. It is a holistic healing approach used for thousands of years. It basically boils down to taking about a tablespoon full of oil and swishing it in your mouth, just like you with mouth wash, but for 10-20 minutes (!)

Why oil pulling?

What’s the trick you may ask? Well, each of us has thousands of different types of bacteria in our mouths. Some of these bacteria are friendly and harmless, but others aren’t. The bacteria in our mouth create a “biofilm” layer on the teeth. This is a thin layer that bacteria uses in order to adhere to the surface of the tooth. This layer is also known by the name “plaque.” We all have some amount of plaque on our teeth and that’s all fine and normal. It’s when it gets out of hand that all hell breaks loose.

When you swish oil in your mouth, bacteria gets caught in it and literally dissolves in the oil or is washed out with it. It has also been proven that oil pulling draws out toxins through the gums and helps you get rid of them when you discard of the oil.

The most popular and beneficial oil for pulling seems to be coconut oil and we’ve found resources claiming that swishing it even for just 5 minutes a day is enough and will do the trick.

Why Coconut oil?

Traditionally native Americans and other peoples, which have been utilizing oil pulling as a healing method have used other oils such as sesame or sunflower oil. You can pretty much use any oil you like but you have to keep in mind that some of the oil also gets absorbed back in your body through the gums so make sure you use an oil which is healthy (no soy oil please!).

Coconut oil has many health benefits of its own and it tastes better!

One of the fatty acids in coconut oil, Lauric acid is a proven anti-microbial so it can actually help kill bacteria, viruses and fungi!

Dental health benefits of oil pulling

Clinical studies have shown that oil pulling has the following effects:

  • Reduces Harmful Bacteria in The Mouth
  • Reduces Plaque and Gingivitis
  • Reduces Bad Breath

 How to oil pull

  • Take about a tablespoon of oil in your mouth (you may have to chew on it a bit if it’s coconut oil and it has solidified)
  • Swish the oil in your mouth gently. Since you have to keep it up for as long as possible, don’t work too hard. “Push” and “pull” the oil between your teeth without straining your jaw muscles.
  • Start with as long as you can tolerate it and work your way up to as close to 15-20 minutes as you can (one idea is to do it while you shower). Make sure not to swallow the oil. While this is not a real problem it is always best to avoid swallowing the toxins and bacteria J
  • Spit the oil out into a bag and throw away in the garbage. Be careful not to spit the oil in the sink as it may clog the drain.
  • Brush your teeth.

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