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This site and its entire contents, including the product sold on it (Gummy Floss), its design, the media files including graphics, photos, pictures, illustrations, films and texts, as well as any other material presented in it, is protected under copyrights and is exclusively owned by the company Flexi Floss Ltd. (hereinafter: “The Company”), and constitutes the exclusive intellectual property of the Company.  Therefore, you are not entitled to copy, publish, amend, transmit, upload, imitate or distribute the site’s content in any manner without obtaining the explicit approval by the Company.

Without derogating from the aforementioned, the Company’s name and its trademarks as they appear on the site, are the Company’s exclusive property.

Site contents

We make an effort to supply you with information and purchase experience without disturbance, however, we are unable to undertake that the site will be available at all times, and problems or disturbance in other availability may occur due to technical considerations. No financial or other compensation will be provided due to a failure of the site.

The information offered on the site is in the exclusive ownership of the Flexi Floss Ltd. Company, and no use should be made with it contrary to the stated in the terms of use.

Limitation of liability

In cases of undesirable side-effects due to the use of Gummy Floss, discontinue at once the use of the product.

In the event of swallowing the product, there is no fear of damage because the product is made of Medical Grade Silicone Rubber, which will finds its natural way out of your body.

The use of the product sold on the site is made at the sole user’s responsibility.

The use of the product is only in accordance with its designation, and the Company will have no responsibility due to any damage resulting from its use.

The products on the site

The site offers for sale a dental floss made of Silicone intended for use by adults and children above the age of 6 years, as well as related products. The Use of the product is easy, it limits gums’ bleeding and can be safely and without pain used by children.

The supply of products

If it becomes apparent to the Company that it is unable to supply the product to the purchaser’s residence, for reasons that are unexpected in advance, the Company is entitled to cancel the purchase transaction. If the transaction was cancelled, the purchaser will receive a full credit of the consideration, if it was paid, and the purchaser will be entitled to no further compensation because of the transaction’s cancellation.

Delivery times

The delivery time is up to 30 business days after receipt of the order confirmation, and during the activity hours, and except for cases of delays resulting from strikes and/or shutdowns and/or delays which are beyond the Company’s control, which will cause the delay in the delivery date until they are regularized.

The cancellation of a transaction and the return of products

The user is entitled to cancel the transaction within 7 days prior to the product’s delivery, providing it was undamaged and that no use was made of it, and it is returned in its original package.  The product cannot be returned after it was supplied to the purchaser.

Site users and visitors management

The site management reserves it right to block any user by blocking the IP address of his computer, without the need to provide any reason for its blocking. The site’s management will do all it can to protect the site users who buy on the site.

Customers service

If you have any questions, you can contact the Company’s customer service representatives, who will be glad to assist you. To Contact Customer Service please use the contact form on the Contact Us page or email: info AT GummyFloss DOT Com.

Jurisdiction and venue

In the vent of a dispute arising from the use of the site, it is hereby agreed that such a dispute will be settled under the laws of the State of Israel and the Jurisdiction of the Court in Tel Aviv (Center).


The herein terms of use constitute the full agreement between you and between the Company in reference of the manner of the Company’s site use, and replace and understanding and/or other agreement related to the use of the site or its content.