Gummy Floss makes dental hygiene a tastier deal for kids “…It takes time, can be painful to sensitive gums, and is just plain boring. So goes the argument against flossing. That’s why Gummy Floss decided to add a string of color and a few lines of flavor to motivate  kids (and adults) to floss and brush daily…”…



Flexible, medical-grade silicone rubber floss introduced “…Flexi Floss has unveiled a flexible, medical-grade silicone rubber floss that is suitable for all ages…”   Read the entire coverage here.


The Luxonomist

Gummy Floss fun for Kids “…The Gummy Floss is a flexible floss, made of medical-grade silicone rubber with easy thumb grips. The choice of material ensures flexibility and smoothness, which allows for easier use without compromising on results and oral hygiene.  The Gummy Floss is perfect for the entire family but especially suited for children (even with transition…