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The Luxonomist

Gummy Floss fun for Kids “…The Gummy Floss is a flexible floss, made of medical-grade silicone rubber with easy thumb grips. The choice of material ensures flexibility and smoothness, which allows for easier use without compromising on results and oral hygiene.  The Gummy Floss is perfect for the entire family but especially suited for children (even with transition dentition – a mixture between

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World Oral Health Day – Yes… oral health is THAT important!

Not many people know that March 20th marks the world’s “Oral Health Day” every year. Celebrated in more than 75 countries, the occasion is a day usually devoted to special programs and events aimed at raising awareness of the importance of oral health in both children and adults. The 2014 Oral Health Day was all about “Celebrating Healthy Smiles.” By

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