The best (and worst) Halloween treat options for your kids and 5 tricks to enjoy treats and keep your teeth clean!

Halloween is a time of great fun! With “trick or treat” being the pinnacle of holiday spirit for most children, many parents are worried about their children consuming so much candy and sugar in such a short time. If you are worried about your children’s health being affected by all that candy – you have…

preventive dentistry

Preventive Dentistry – what you can do for yourself and for your children today, at home to save money and agony in the future

Prevention is always the best option and always better than cure. Sure enough when you already suffer from a condition a cure is what you want and need, but why get there in the first place? Dentistry is no different than any other field of medicine or anything else in life. Preventive dentistry focuses on…



Gummy Floss makes dental hygiene a tastier deal for kids “…It takes time, can be painful to sensitive gums, and is just plain boring. So goes the argument against flossing. That’s why Gummy Floss decided to add a string of color and a few lines of flavor to motivate  kids (and adults) to floss and brush daily…”…



Flexible, medical-grade silicone rubber floss introduced “…Flexi Floss has unveiled a flexible, medical-grade silicone rubber floss that is suitable for all ages…”   Read the entire coverage here.