Gummy Floss – The Original Silicone Dental Floss (4 packs!)


Gummy Floss – The Original Silicone Dental Floss (4 packs!)


The original Silicone Dental Floss, the Gummy Floss™, the only dental floss that can be used by adults and children alike, re-usable, innovative and safe, to guarantee a healthy smile!

More effective than a waterpik or water flosser due to its ability to remove the sticky plaque created by sugars; it’s ability to work well also in cases of over sensitivity, root exposure and others and because, unlike waterpiks and water flossers and it reaches and works on all touch points and not only embrasure cavities (the V-shaped valleys between adjacent teeth).

Buy now and get 4 packs (supply for 1 month!) at a special price!

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Gummy Floss™ is an innovative dental hygiene device, custom designed with comfort and hygiene in mind to overcome the challenges of the common current dental flosses, making flossing fun, pain-free and comfortable for adults and children (over the age of 6) alike.

Made of medical grade rubber silicone with easy thumb grips, Gummy Floss is the perfect, re-usable and washable intra-dental cleaning device. Tested and approved by dentists, oral hygienists and parents, Gummy Floss is now on sale!

In the package:

4 bags of Gummy floss (8 units in each) – Supply for 1 month of use!



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