Gummy Floss – The Original Silicone Dental Floss


Gummy Floss – The Original Silicone Dental Floss

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The original Silicone Dental Floss, the Gummy Floss™, the only dental floss that can be used by adults and children alike, re-usable, innovative and safe, to guarantee a healthy smile!


Gummy Floss™ is an innovative dental hygiene device, custom designed with comfort and hygiene in mind to overcome the challenges of the common current dental flosses, making flossing fun, pain-free and comfortable for adults and children (over the age of 6) alike.

Made of medical grade rubber silicone with easy thumb grips, Gummy Floss is the perfect, re-usable and washable intra-dental cleaning device. Tested and approved by dentists, oral hygienists and parents, Gummy Floss is now on sale!

In the package:

4 bags of Gummy floss (8 units in each) – Supply for 1 month of use!



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