Gummy Floss as a complementary and necessary product in regenerative therapy and dental implants

By: Dr. Matan Avital, Expert in Oral Rehabilitation (CSO, Gummy Floss)

The profession of dental medicine is famously conservative. Still, it would be true to say that the invention and particularly the growing usage of dental implants is the real revolution that has been unfolding in recent years. In the past, when the natural tooth was irreplaceable – permanently or even temporarily as support for a fixed or retractable reconstruction, it’s loss was critical from a reconstructive standpoint and even more so – for the patients quality of life. So, as the academic and technological advancement in dentistry went on, an industry of accessories and equipment has developed, with its aim to contribute to the conservation of the natural dentition, as much as possible.


In the late 50’s of the previous century and especially from the second half of the 80’s, began the usage of dental implants, most of which were “screws” of sorts made of metal (90%-99% of them include a metal called titanium). Their usage as tooth replacements or as prosthetic holders became more and more widespread, especially in Israel (which boasts the highest rate of implant usage, relative to it’s population), but also in the USA, Europe, and in recent years in Russia, India, China, and in fact, in most nations of the industrial world. Israeli implant companies, two of which were recently bought, have reported the distribution of their products in over 60 countries!


The developments in the world of implants did not catch up with the advancements in complementary accessories that aim to help sustain the result of treatment by increasing the lifespan of implants. So in most cases, the patients receive instructions to use accessories they know from the world of natural dentition. The avoidance of using oral hygiene accessories, or using unsuited one’s will cause over time an accumulation of plaque and tartar,  irritation and recession of the gums and the supporting bone. The loss of support will lead to failure in implant grip, to their loss, and to the loss of the reconstruction (the teeth crafted on the implants) as a whole.


In some of the cases, the well-known accessories will be enough: a suitable toothbrush for example. However, in a substantial portion of reconstruction cases, especially when the process involves a few or several implants done together, the crowns on the implants are done as one unit to allow for greater stability, better retention, and especially for a better distribution of forces. It is critical then to remove the plaque and food remnants that accumulate in the contact points and under the crowns, particularly in the area bordering the gums – the fragile area where the construct or crown installed on the implant extends from the gums region. The health of this area is critical for implant survival over time.


In fact, there is no appropriate accessory for implant cleaning. The use of a nylon dental floss can cause cuts in the supporting tissue, and its contact with the gentle gums does not offer a gentle massage for the tissue, but can instead injure it. No wonder then, that most patients – despite the directions and warnings given by the medical team, do not use dental floss regularly in cases of implant based reconstruction.


The only solution for effectively cleaning the area without harming it is the Gummy Floss. This thread was developed by a professional team that includes dentists, whose vision it was, to develop a product that would help the health of the mouth, and especially help sustain the health of the natural dentition and implants. Gummy Floss is made of durable medical Silicone, has a high friction rate and efficiently removes plaque and tartar without damaging the gum tissue. Furthermore, the string, and the whole structure that includes “Filaments” gently massages the gum tissue throughout the process and furthers its health.


The quick learning curve of use and the lack of harm and pain that are caused by the conventional nylon floss, leads to patient cooperation, to regular usage and by doing so – contribute to the health of the implants, the supporting tissue and the survival of the reconstructive work, over time.

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