Flexi Floss Ltd. Introduces Innovative Solution for Attending to Most Important (and Avoided) Dental Hygiene Practice: Gummy Floss™

The world’s first ever flexible medical grade silicone rubber floss suitable for all ages

Haifa, Israel— Gummy Floss™Flexi Floss Ltd. announced today its new product – the Gummy Floss™. The Gummy Floss™ is an innovative dental hygiene device, custom designed with comfort and hygiene in mind to overcome the challenges of acquiring and maintaining good oral hygiene habits, making flossing fun, pain-free and comfortable.

The Gummy Floss™ is a flexible floss, made of medical grade silicone rubber with easy thumb grips. The choice of material ensures flexibility and smoothness, which allow for easier use without compromising on results and oral hygiene.

The Gummy Floss™ is perfect for the entire family but especially suited for children (even with transition dentition- a mixture between baby/primary teeth and adult teeth) and comes in fun colors and added flavors.

“The Gummy Floss™ is a premium product with many prominent advantages in comparison to commonly used intra-dental cleaning products” said Dr. Erella Pines (D.D.S), Co-Founder at Flexi Floss Ltd.

Positive tester Impact

Many people who got to experiment with the Gummy Floss™ have already reported their satisfaction with it.

“It’s more comfortable and easier to use than regular floss,” said Adi, an IT professional and young mother. “I would gladly have my infant boy try it.”

“My patients and I both tried and enjoyed the Gummy Floss™.” Said Dr. Ohad Sharon, dentist. “The method, the idea and its application make daily cleaning easier thus facilitating the therapeutic effect too”.

Gummy Floss™ Availability

Gummy Floss™ is currently available for early bird orders on the company’s Indiegogo campaign. The Company hopes to raise enough funds to be able to bring the Gummy Floss™ to the market for everyone to enjoy and have a happy healthy smile. To follow the campaign and support it please visit:  http://igg.me/at/gummyfloss.

About Flexi Floss Ltd.

Founded in 2013 in Israel by a team of experts, Flexi Floss has developed and patented (pending) the first ever flexible silicone dental floss – the Gummy Floss™. The Gummy Floss offers a solution that will make flossing more comfortable and accepted by a larger part of the population.

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