The Gummy Floss

Who can use Gummy Floss™?

Gummy Floss™ is used in the maintenance of teeth in adults and children from the age of 6. Gummy Floss™, like other dental flosses, can be used between any two adjacent teeth. Caution should be taken with crowns and veneers. Gummy Floss™ is especially fun for kids.

You say the Gummy Floss™ is soft - how can it clean well then?

Gummy Floss™ is indeed soft because it is made from medical grade rubber silicone. However, when you stretch it to fit it between your teeth it gets a little harder. It is also not completely smooth. We designed the Gummy Floss™ to have micron ridges along the floss. You can’t see them and you can hardly feel them but they help clean the leftover food and other debris stuck between your teeth. If you neglect your oral hygiene to the point the plaque hardens to stone between your teeth, then the Gummy Floss™, just like any other floss, can no longer break it or loosen it and you need an RDH to professionally clean it.

Is the Gummy Floss™ recyclable? What is its carbon footprint?

Gummy Floss™ is made of bio-compatible medical grade silicone rubber. As such it can be recycled by grinding it back into very fine powder, just like with other medical products made of this material. The process of making the floss is clean and the amount of material that goes into each batch is very small. The Floss is also re-usable, provided you wash it well between uses and as long as it does not wear out or tear. The Gummy Floss™ will be packed using recycled and/or degradable materials to ensure the carbon footprint is as small as possible.

What happens if someone accidentally swallows the Gummy Floss™ because it is so small?

Because the Gummy Floss™ is made of bio-compatible medical grade silicone rubber – nothing will happen. It will pass the system and come out 🙂 No harm done.

How do I use the Gummy Floss™?

Flossing with Gummy Floss™ is done like any other floss, but much easier. Simply, hold the floss using the thumb grips (no need to wrap a long piece of string around your fingers!) and stretch until it enters between any of your two adjacent teeth, move it up, down and sideways, then pull out to clean. Rinse the floss between each set of teeth.

See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfdH_NW3d0o

Where can I buy the Gummy Floss™?

The Gummy Floss™ is not yet sold in the stores

Is the Gummy Floss™ sold online?

Yes it is! Buy it right here on our website!

Business & Investment

Does the company seek strategic partnerships?

If you are interested in partnering with us we would like to speak with you. Flexi Floss is seeking strategic partners for distribution worldwide. Please refer to our Investors page for more information and contact details.

Where can I find more information about the compan

You can check out our “About” page or you can simply drop us a line with your questions!

Oral Hygiene

Why should I use dental floss?

Flossing is meant to ensure you get rid of debris and food residues that get stuck between your teeth. Our teeth are usually so close that just brushing them doesn’t really clean and remove everything. Bacteria and plaque also accumulate between the teeth and only flossing can remove it and make sure we maintain a clean mouth. In addition, plaque that isn’t removed can harden into tartar, which is a hard mineral deposit that can only be removed by professional cleaning at the dental hygienist.

Should kids floss too? When should they start

According to the ADA’s recommendation, children should start flossing as soon as they have 2 adjacent teeth.

Should I floss or brush my

Either way will do – as long as you do it right! However, if you floss first, you allow the fluoride in toothpaste to easily reach between the teeth.

Can I rinse and re-use the Gummy Floss™?

As mentioned above, the Gummy Floss™ is re-usable as long as you wash it well after use and provided it is not worn out.