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Causes and Treatments for Periodontitis

What is Periodontitis?   Periodontitis, otherwise known as gum disease, is a serious bacterial infection of the gums. It is caused by bacteria and ranges in severity. Over time, periodontitis can lead to damage of the soft tissue, teeth, and bones, possibly resulting in the loss of teeth. This condition is treatable, and with care, the damage can be slowed

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Eight Dental Hygiene Tips to Thoroughly Clean Your Teeth

Importance of Dental Hygiene Maintaining good dental hygiene may not just benefit your teeth and gums. Recent research has shown a link between poor oral health and some serious health conditions, including stroke, heart disease or diabetes. By following these eight easy tips, you will not only combat issues such as bad breath, gum disease, and tooth decay but could

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How to Treat Common Dental Problems?

You brush regularly and visit the dentist every six months. You do the best you can to take care of your teeth. Yet, dental problems still happen. Whether it’s bad breath, cavities or something more serious, you may find yourself suffering from some dental problems during your lifetime. Let’s take a look at eight common dental problems and how you

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[Infographic]: A Guide to Teeth Grinding (Bruxism)

Teeth Grinding Guide created by Schererville & Chesterton Family Dentistry.


[Guest Post]: Why Teaching Your Kids to Floss Is Important

You’ve probably heard time and time again that flossing is important. But just how important is it, and how do you explain that to your little ones? Simply brushing their teeth two times a day isn’t enough to maintain a healthy mouth. If they don’t floss, they may leave bad bacteria and food debris behind to wreak havoc on their

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[Guest Post]: How to Prevent Dental Diseases

By: Dan Ray  Few things can set alarm bells ringing quicker than pain in one of your teeth. As it is often seen that there are range of symptoms that affect people of all ages and backgrounds, and they typically indicate some form of dental disease is present. Let’s take look at the most common symptoms and some of the

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[Guest Post]: Why your Children’s Dental Hygiene Is Important

By: Paul Matthews  Everyone knows that the foundation for healthy permanent teeth in children and teenagers is basically laid down during their first years of life. Various factors could impact on their teeth development: from diet to wrong habits, let’s see what are the most important ones and how to monitor your children’s dental hygiene. Habits When it comes to dental

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[Guest Post]: 5 Healthy Snacks For Keeping Your Gums Healthy And Teeth Sparkling

By: Helen Sanders Everyone wants their children to have healthy gums and sparkling teeth – don’t they?  Wanting them is one thing, but are we making sure our kids are eating the right things to have them? According to the American Dental Association (ADA), when diet is less than optimal nutritionally, one of the first areas to suffer is dental

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