Gummy Floss as a complementary and necessary product in regenerative therapy and dental implants

By: Dr. Matan Avital, Expert in Oral Rehabilitation (CSO, Gummy Floss) The profession of dental medicine is famously conservative. Still, it would be true to say that the invention and particularly the growing usage of dental implants is the real revolution that has been unfolding in recent years. In the past, when the natural tooth was irreplaceable – permanently or even

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Gum Disease Linked With Erectile Dysfunction

How can men avoid gumming up a relationship? They might start by brushing their teeth regularly. According to a new study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, men with erectile dysfunction (ED) are three times more likely to have gum disease than men who do not have ED. Read more:  


The best (and worst) Halloween treat options for your kids and 5 tricks to enjoy treats and keep your teeth clean!

Halloween is a time of great fun! With “trick or treat” being the pinnacle of holiday spirit for most children, many parents are worried about their children consuming so much candy and sugar in such a short time. If you are worried about your children’s health being affected by all that candy – you have good reasons. But you can’t

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Preventive Dentistry – what you can do for yourself and for your children today, at home to save money and agony in the future

Prevention is always the best option and always better than cure. Sure enough when you already suffer from a condition a cure is what you want and need, but why get there in the first place? Dentistry is no different than any other field of medicine or anything else in life. Preventive dentistry focuses on preventing dental issues such as

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Clinical Research: Flossing in children could reduce decay

A research published in 2006 found that professional flossing in children could reduce decay. The research included 6 trials with 808 subjects aged 4-13. The conclusion was that “Professional flossing in children with low fluoride exposures is highly effective in reducing interproximal caries risk”. The research can be found on PubMed. The research looked at professional flossing as opposed to

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Protect your Thyroid from these house hold dangers…

As small a gland as your thyroid may be, it is a vital to your survival and overall health. It controls your metabolism and hormonal balance. It’s a very delicate organ and there are numerous things that can cause damage to its functioning. One of those things is non-stick chemicals such as the coating on your pots and pans, the

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Reinventing the Dental Floss

Not many people know, but the dental floss is not a modern day invention. Intra-dental cleaning has been practiced for ages (no one likes having things stuck in their teeth!) and the dental floss exists since the early 1800’s.


Selling to the Masses

Flossers for those who hate to Floss “…Regular flossing is perhaps one of the most beneficial habits for dental and overall health. Yet many people won’t touch dental floss with a ten foot pole.  It hurts.  It makes the gums bleed.  The floss unravels and breaks in the teeth.  It might be beneficial, but for many, the immediate discomfort and hassle outweigh

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Red, White and Blue Gummy Floss – Happy Independence Day USA!

Happy 4th to all our American followers and supporters! We wish you a fun, joy filled holiday and remind you – the Gummy Floss comes in Red, White and Blue (and some other colors too!) 



Gummy Floss makes dental hygiene a tastier deal for kids “…It takes time, can be painful to sensitive gums, and is just plain boring. So goes the argument against flossing. That’s why Gummy Floss decided to add a string of color and a few lines of flavor to motivate  kids (and adults) to floss and brush daily…” Read more here